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Last year, we at GROUP9 started out with creating a Technology Radar, the approach started by the guys over at ThoughtWorks. The goal is actually quite simple: use the collective knowledge and intelligence of our company to come up with the new Technologies, Tools, etc. which we think will be interesting for our customers this year to start looking into. This allows us to focus on building up experience and knowledge on these subjects, and applying it at our customers to help them deliver more business value. In this blog post, I'd like to share the highlights of that Technology Radar, and show you our vision of which things to look for, and which to start leaving behind.

Now, for those who prefer a "TL;DR"-version let first cut to the chase, what is this all about, what are those highlights? While you can read the full radar at we have a condensed version. We meant to create a Top 10 of all the best technologies to focus on this year, but couldn't decide which to leave out, so in the end we created a Top 11 (also, this is the 11th year GROUP9 will exist, so we have an excuse as well). 

For those with a little bit of patience, I'll discuss the process how we created the tech radar, and the why of each of the items on our top 10 11.

Btw, note that we have "Cloud" as a topic in there, represented by the logos of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. 

The process of creating a tech radar

Basically the process of creating our tech radar was quite extensive:
  • Initial meeting to create the initial draft input for the radar
    • Initial clean-up and de-duplication of the efforts of our colleagues
  • Discuss results with meeting leaders to get to the final list
  • Fill out the blanks in the descriptions of the radar items
  • Publish the final radar
  • Vote on the top 10 Adopt/Trail+Assess/Hold

Top 10 11 HOT (a.k.a. Adopt/Trial/Assess)

The initial voting left us with a big list of technologies to focus on, which we drilled down into the first long-list of hot topics:

After quite some discussing, we left out the less important ones, so we could really have everyone focus on the topics we value the most. This resulted in the final Top 10 11 which we have shown earlier in this post.

Top 10 NOT (a.k.a Hold)

Of course, there is also a list of subjects you should be avoiding, or at least you should think really hard if you still want to use these technologies. Where we couldn't decide on a top 10 for our HOT list, the NOT list was easier, and we managed to have a nice Top 10 for this too.

Most of the items in this list should be quite self explanatory, two might raise some eyebrows, so we're going to explain them:
  • Docker: This is not against the idea of containerization specifically, but we see changes coming up in the container-landscape that Docker may not be the only contender or default implementation available. This a solid choice for now, but we may see other, potentially better alternatives pop up.
  • Jenkins: We're talking about the old version of Jenkins here. So if you're not doing pipeline by now, you're missing out on all the goodies.

Conclusion and further work

At GROUP9 we're busy with extending our knowledge and plan to share our work and the technologies we focus on. Expect to see future versions of this radar to be published!


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